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Rick Velin August 25, 2023
"When an early August 5 AM thunderstorm went through, our household was up dancing with glee because we were getting a much-needed accumulating rain. In my jubilation and with a bout of fumbling feet, I became unbalanced chasing lightening or something and fell back against my front house door. This is not just any door; it’s an old 1907 solid oak with a ¾ view so there’s a lot of glass which preceded to shatter into large sharp shards. We had a mess. Luckily, I didn’t even have a scratch on me. This kind of thing could have been much worse had I fallen forward more. Still dark out but I emailed Interstate waiting for them to open that morning and a member of Travis’s team was at our house within the hour of opening assessing the damage and cleaning up. That’s right; I said “Cleaning up”. The guys were phenomenal! They not only got here fast, he cleaned up all the broken glass, removed the door trim very carefully (old “Dart & Egg” trim is hard to come by) and closed the window opening with a wood panel pending the glass replacement. It took a while for the glass to get here because of supply issues but it came in today. Travis installed the new glass and ensured all was well with form, fit and function. Interstate Glass functions as ALL companies should function; with professionalism, excellent customer service, and just great people. Thank you, Travis and the rest of your Interstate Glass Team, for resolving this situation much easier than I could have ever imagined."
Mitch Elfstrand April 28, 2023
"Great company, staff and great pricing! Thank you for getting our new building set up and ready to go."
Mitch Elfstrand April 10, 2023
"Great company, staff and great pricing! Thank you for getting our new building set up and ready to go."
Sheryl Korzan December 1, 2021
"I reached out to a competitor, whom I didn't feel was aggressively accepting of my business. Took some phone calls following up on my part for failed meetings. The bid was over priced, so I continued to shop around. When I got Jason on the phone he was driving down the interstate and promptly returned to the office to put together an emailed price quote with detailed drawings, more definition to purpose of options he gave, and 1/2 the price . Jason hit the send button on the email and called me to follow up. This business interaction right off the bat tells me he prides in his work from start to finish."
Droz Henbane August 28, 2020
"Solid folks, great work, and decent prices. Always treated me fair and the quality is top notch."